Jean-Claude Berrouet

Chateau Monlot - Jean Claude Berrouet

Despite retiring  at the end of the 2007 vintage., Jean-Claude Berrouet’s influence on wine remains as strong as ever.

Mr. Berrouet was recruited to be the first permanent winemaker and technical director for one of the world’s most famous wineries in Bordeaux’s Pomerol region in 1964. There he was responsible for the production of their complete range of wines on all their properties. However, after the 2007 vintage, Jean-Claude Berrouet announced his retirement. But after forty-four vintages, one can assume that Mr. Berrouet looks back on his career with some satisfaction.

Despite being in retirement, a chance meeting with Ms. Zhao Wei, who with her intense motivation convinced him to help make Château Monlot one of the best wines in the world. It is with great pleasure that Mr. Berrouet has decided to use his expertise and give advice to Château Monlot to create the best tasting wine possible for our customers.